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A Mauser Pistol

Greed Spring
Pictured by Lu Yan'guang, Meng Fudan

Li Shimin, the Second Emperor of Tang Dynasty
Pictured by Xiang Weiren

Princess Wencheng
Pictured by Liu Kui

Liusha River
Pictured by Deng Ke

Hua Tuo
Pictured by Xu Zhengping,Ling Tao

A Copper Button (I)
Pictured by Yang Yiling
Young Chinese generations' art works. The teenage authors learned a great deal from the west, and integrated the western drawing skills and styles with Chinese traditional drawing skills.


Girl in Cheong-Sam


What are you thinking about?







There Can Be No Turning Back
The original Chinese idiom:
"Jian4 Zai4 Xian2 Shang4": the arrow is on the bowstring, and you must shoot it out. It means that you have no choice and have to do that. "jian", arrow; "zai", be; "xian", bowstring; "shang", on.
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