How I Created "My Father, Deng Xiaoping"
  In Dec. 1996, I accepted the assignment of the creation of "My Father, Deng Xiaoping". Deng Xiaoping was an old admirable revolutionist so that I decided to make the work perfect with my 20 years of drawing experiences.
   This set of books described Deng Xiaoping's nearly fifty years of revolutionary career. To describe Deng correctly, I have read many books and articles about Deng. However I found that there were few photos of young Deng's age, and many of them were fuzzy. I had to draft over and over, and four to five times for each scene. I focused on his facial characters and tried all kinds of means of artistic expression of comic to express this giant.
  In "My Father, Deng Xiaoping", characters of many other old revolutionists would also involve in, and there were also few referenced photos. As their early images were much different from the ones familiar to common people, it was more than difficult to express them.
  I took Deng for steady-going, fearless and high-hearted and tried to show that with all my might. I used the most popular drawing technique of line drawing, that is to say, using only lines, to exhibit the plots. It was so difficult that it took me nearly nine months to complete the work.
By Ye Xiong
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