The Value of the Comics Published during the Chinese Cultural Revolution
ĦĦĦĦIt is well known that most comics created during the Chinese Cultural Revolution were drawn by famous artists (despite that the creators were anonymous) and all have great value of art (though the contents are dull). The works during that period reflected people's life during that peculiar period, and recorded the true history in that era. Today they have had three elements that cultural relic possesses, value of history, value of literature and value of art. Now all the old things during Chinese Cultural Revolution were attached importance, such as that U.S. and several other countries have established "Research Institute on the Things during the Chinese Cultural Revolution". In China, great litterateurs---Ba Jin and Ye Yonglie also appealed to establish such a kind of research institute. It is not hard to imagine how much the comics created during that period will value.
ĦĦĦĦ It is impossible to republish the comics created during the Cultural Revolution in a short term, as they are special products in peculiar period. And though they are republished many years later, they will be only used for research and for reference and have not much value, such as the copy of the "The Picture of Saints' Traces" of Ming Dynasty. In a word, works created during the Cultural Revolution are increasing more and more in their value.
By Zhang Wenbiao
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