Chairman Mao Liked the Chinese Comic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
ĦĦĦĦDuring the hard period Chairman Mao had lots of things beside his pillow. Among those things he liked reading Chinese Comics. The suit of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" was always beside his bed. He was too interested in it to remember his meals.
ĦĦĦĦThe day when he was leaning against the bed and reading, I called him for meal, but he was not willing to move. I asked, "Sir, are you still interested in Chinese Comic?" He said with his fingers turning the pages, "Chinese Comics are great, simple but meaningful. Many complicated things were stated vividly with a few words. It's easy to understand, too." He told me of The Battle of Red Cliff, which told about the story that Liu Bei And Sun Quan united to set up the phase of The Three Kingdoms by burning Cao Cao's mighty fleet. He also told me of the Fight of Yi Tomb, which told about the story that Liu Bei made a mistake later and died regretfully in Baidi City. Chairman Mao comparably appreciated the dialect of Division for Unity, Unity for Division and thought correct Direct in Camp and Win in Battlefield.
By Yi Jingshan
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