Chinese Cartoon Styles
  The Birth of Paper-cut Cartoon
   As early as he is in Hong Kong, one of the Wan brothers Wan Guchan had an idea to produce cartoon by filming the figures made of paper. He and one of his brothers painstakingly raise fund everywhere but were told the try was too risky. His wish to produce paper-cut cartoon was supported by studio leader Te Wei as soon as he returned to Shanghai and entered Shanghai Animation Studio in 1956. Famous playwright Bao Lei wrote "Zhu Bajie Eats Water Melon" and cartoonist Jan Tong designed the characterization. Hu Jinqing, Chen Zhenghong and Qian Jiaxin participated in the new try. Absorbing artistic characteristics from Chinese shadow play and folk paper-cut, they produced the first batch of paper-cut figures. They made camera stands and lamps by themselves. After their first failed try, Wan Guchan firmly told the group to continue. Finally "Zhu Bajie Eats Water Melon" was finished in 1958 and started a new type of Chinese cartoon. Then they consolidated and developed the new type by the production of "Fisher Boy", "Cricket Fighting by Ji Gong" and Ginseng Baby". The paper-cut cartoon reached a new artistic and technical level in 1963 production "Golden Conch".
  The Birth of Water Drawing Cartoon
  Once received international attention, water drawing cartoon is Chinese outstanding work with national characteristic. It began in 1960 by employing Chinese traditional water drawing technique and style into cartoon film. Without the verge line, water drawing cartoon broke through the common producing way of . After birth, the two water drawing cartoons "Little Tadpole Looks for Mamma" and "Reed Pipe" received unanimous applause all over of world. "Little Tadpole Looks for Mamma" won the First TV Flowers Prize and other five prizes in international festival. "Reed Pipe" won "Golden Prize" at the Third nternational Fairy Tale Film Festival. Audiences were surprised by the style when it was shown abroad. French "World Paper" reported "Chinese water drawing, with its soft scenery, fine style and the action expressing anxiety, hesitation and happiness, added charm and poetic quality." Another American scholar also commended that it was of unadulterated Chinese characteristic. Chinese water drawing is said to be of more than 1000 years history. Shi Ke wrote water drawing as early as in "Five Dynasties" period. Water drawing developed much through Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty and evolved into unique style. Inheriting from the artistic style, the water drawing cartoon is unstrained, beautiful, lyrical and moving and reflects the aesthetic thinking and national style.
  New Infant Paper Folding Cartoon
  Paper folding cartoon is new cartoon produced by Yu Zheguang in 1960. It possesses a childish characteristic by employing paper folding to shape the characters in film. Paper folding cartoons "Clever Duckling", "A Cabbage", "Duckling Yaya" and "Crocodile, Witch and Little Girl" are well received by little audiences.
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