The Origin of Chinese Comic
¡¡¡¡Chinese Comic is a kind of painting art that describes a story with the help of pictures. It originated in ancient China. In Han Dynasty, there appeared a kind of single-pictured story chiseled in brick. In Tang Dynasty, the embryo of Chinese Comic came into being. During that era, the form of Chinese Comic was not restricted. Some Chinese Comics began to use successional pictures to tell a story. Till Yuan Dynasty, with the quick development of novels and dramas, illustrations were necessary to assist describe the plot of a story. Completely Illustrated Pinghua of Three Kingdoms, drawn by an artist named Yu, was the first Chinese Comic with illustrations. In Qing Dynasty, a kind of single-pictured Chinese Comic (Spring Festival Picture) appeared, one to three of which made up a story. Till late Qing Dynasty, with lithography's importation, Chinese Comic developed rapidly and a kind of storybook that each chapter had an illustration appeared. And with the publication of "Pictured Three Kingdoms" in late Qing Dynasty, Chinese Comic got a rapid development and the word of "Chinese Comic" originated.
By Yu Yang
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